Shield LA is born to equip Los Angeles hospitals

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There is no way to escape. Not the news, the conversation or the new measures that now rule our lives, COVID19 is shaking the entire world. It all comes in a wave of health emergencies that have exhausted medical material distribution channels for many products, including personal protection equipment, such as face masks.

A group of young Latino entrepreneurs based in Los Angeles, are taking the bull by the horns during this global catastrophe to contribute and make a difference.

Using state-of-the-art 3D printing technology, robotics, and the best in design, a new organization dedicated to help the community is born. Shield LA, aims to generate protective masks at a low cost offering protection for those who need it most. Shield LA’s design allows health workers to easily assemble the mask, this feature dramatically reduces cost and packaging footprint by 90%. But the most important thing is that more than 10,000 masks can be manufactured per day, which would help to greatly alleviate the need for this type of PPE in health centers, not only in the state of California but throughout the country.

The team has worked non-stop during this crisis to reach the manufacturing of the final product that is already distributing thousands of protective masks in the Los Angeles area. They are ready to produce more protective equipment and distribute it to hospitals that need it as soon as possible, but they need your help.

This organization operates on a nonprofit basis looking for ways to make protective equipment accessible to all hospitals, even those that cannot afford it. If you want to help Shield LA reach more hospitals and other places in need, visit their Gofundme page and make a donation or simply share this information so they can continue to help even more medical facilities.

Shield LA’s team is made up of Matias Cena, Architect and Designer for Walt Disney, Patricio Guerrero, Mechanical Engineer and robot designer for Disney, and Santiago Guerrero Gertz, law student.  These young professionals are the driving force behind this new initiative that provides simple and practical solutions to big problems. 

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